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Post by Alana the Raider on Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:20 pm

Name: Alana

Age: 18

Height: 5ft

Weight: 110lbs

Fur Pattern: light golden, with spots (Leopard)

Race: Leonin

Subtype: Leopard

Class: Pirate

Alignment: True Neutral

~In Process~
Personality: Short tempered, intelligent , sweet and hard headed. This girl can be lady like when wants to be and a total brat on the other. She can be very sarcastic, usually when she's trying to be funny, other times just to annoy people. In combat, shes very clam and steady with her motions.


Equipment: Alana carries beautiful black cutlass sword. This sword is not like ordinary swords, it is extremely sharp and never dulls. The beautiful design and unique color attracts many wondering eyes, but none can seem to take it from the fierce feline. On her baldric are 6 small little throwing knives, that are, made from silver. Half of these little things are jagged at the tips, so once it enters flesh, it is difficult to pull out. The others are smooth and enter cleanly and come out cleanly.

Background: Alana was put in a orphanage at the age of 3, after her parents where brutely murdered. Alana was then put in multiple homes until she turned 12 was finally adopted by Viashino. For 3 miserable years, Alana was abused and was treated as if a slave. Finally once night the young feline snuck out her window and ran off into the night. Alana lived homeless for almost a year on the streets of Clearwater. Her homeless life ended when the Clearwater needed more sailors for their ships. Without hesitation, Alana signed up and started right away, at first the swaying ships and salty air made the poor cat sick, but that soon went away. Alana enjoyed the life at sea, but was disappointed with the little pay her and her crew got. For two years the feline and her crew put up with the little pay, but they soon ended when the ship was boarded by pirates, those who opposed would die and those who joined would be payed great amounts. With the idea of being rich, Alana joined the pirate life...

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