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Post by Bain on Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:43 pm

For this site, and this rule is more for me than anyone lol, I don't want anyone having more than one active character at a time. I will have character sheets up for NPC's, most if not all will be able to be controlled by anyone, there will be a note at the top of each NPC profile as to whether or not they are open and able to be controlled by other players.

The only reason and NPC would not be able to be controlled is either they have a pivotal role in the story and there is no wiggle room for their actions or what they know about what is going on in the world, for example the rulers of each hold.

On the subject of multiple characters; Again I don't want anyone having more than one character on the site. On that note I know this concept is new so I will say if you feel you are loosing interest in your character, two replacements will be allowed.

For example, if I get bored of Bain (most likely will not happen) I will set up a situation where it will be highly impossible for him to get out and terminate the character or have something happen where he looses faith in the cause and decide to take his leave of the party. Afterwards I would post up another bio for my replacement and come up with a logical reason for him to have interest in the cause. From there I will resume posting as the new character.

Again I would like to avoid this happening since I feel that one's first character should be the one to stick to and I do plan on having this last as long as possible, so put alot of thought as to what you would like to play as in terms of race and class.

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