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Post by Nezuan on Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:10 pm

Name: Nezuan

Age: 17

Height: 42"

Weight: 65lbs

Fur Pattern: Mottled white and Grey

Race: Skaven

Class: Artificer

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Nezuan is very evasive. He is hesitant to share his past or his skills with others due to his past (particularly other Skaven). He is however, very curious and is always seeking knowledge. He loves to examine everything, whether it be plants, weapons, contraptions, magic or people. Often his curiosity gets him in trouble. He is very resourceful, despite his natural clumsiness and can come up with a solution to almost any problem. He is very mindful of his manners (something not well known among his people) and has a good heart. He does not enjoy the suffering of others and will quickly put his own life at risk to help someone in need.

Skills/Abilities: Nezuan is a gifted magician. Since he was born he has shown a natural gift for manipulating the arcane. He is able to grasp the concept of how spells work very quickly, however his cursed bloodline and the fact that he is a male of his species prevents him from safely casting the spells he studies. Because he cannot cast spells without a degree of success high enough to ensure his spells do not backfire, Nezuan has found ways to put his natural talent for manipulating the arcane to what he calls "practical use." By this Nezuan means his skill in what is little known as artifice. He has become quite good at channeling his magics into items and is able to perform this feat at will. His ability to make just about anything take on magical properties is near unmatched in the modern world (largely due to artifice being such a rare and young area of study).
Nezuan has literally no martial training and tends to rely on his skills to help him out. Because he is small and light he is able to move about quietly with ease. This combined with his understanding of simple and complex contraptions (locks in particular) make quite him adept at finding his way in and out of situations. When sneaking and artifice fail, Nezuan is fast on his feet and will likely run rather than fight. Direct conflict is something Nezuan avoids, preferring instead to find alternative solutions to disputes.

Equipment: Nezuan wears simple leather and cloth garb and a dark green cloak. He also has a walking stick with him which he uses for all manner of things. Alternatively Nezuan has numerous supplies in and on his pack for all manner of things. He carries vials to make salves and oils, multiple rolls of parchment to make scrolls, various trinkets and ingredients to which he can bind magic and books. He has in particular a wizard's spell book, a book of alchemy and a guide to making magical items. Last in Nezuan's list of equipment is a rusty iron dagger that he carries because the world of Saren can be a dangerous place, especially for a Skaven.


Nezuan comes from a dark matriarchal society with strict rules and castes. In traditional Skaven culture it is the women who are in charge and one elder witch leads them all. Females born with arcane talent become witches. They train in the ancient rituals that keep their society "afloat." Many dark magics take place within Skaven culture, to include almost exclusively blood magic and necromancy. Sacrifices are common and everyone must bleed if the clans are to survive. All Skaven blood is cursed and typically it is only the females that can become casters. Male Skaven that are born with arcane talent are rare and have been said to be more powerful than the females, however, their bloodline makes channeling arcane power near impossible and spells almost always go haywire. Because of this Skaven males are sacrificed to their gods and their blood becomes meals for the matriarchs.

Nezuan's parents found out pretty much immediately that their child was a sorcerer. Of his litter he was the only one with magical potential, and rather than sacrifice their child to the matriarch of their tribe, they chose instead to bundle Nezuan up and cast him into the river near their home. Nezuan drifted for a long time and was picked up by a small group of Leonin. This small family of catfolk called themselves the Ranjit family and Nezuan was taken in by the family's fortune teller. Her name was Aliza and she named him literally for the word meaning "rat" in Leonin. She taught him about the arcane and gave him an understanding of the world. She even taught him to bind magic to certain items such as crystal balls and potions.As Nezuan matured he felt he should leave his family and explore the world for himself. Aliza warned him of other Skaven and their beliefs concerning the males of his species.

Nezuan began to explore the world and using the skills he learned from his brothers and sisters of the Ranjit family he "acquired" many books and furthered his studies. He became very good at getting around urban environments and learned how to survive just about anywhere. Nezuan still roams the world of Saren in search of knowledge and a place for him to belong.

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