History of the Four Kingdoms

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History of the Four Kingdoms Empty History of the Four Kingdoms

Post by Bain on Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:02 pm

When civilization was first established in Terra by the Ursi, the land was ravaged and overrun by the Dragonkin, anthropomorphic dragons who ruled over the land. The Ursi, lead by Jinko Windson, were the first to rise up from the oppressive reign of the Dragonkin and eventually routed them, driving them back and giving them the ability to establish Terra, the first city of Saren. The Avians were next, descending in droves from the Shadowsteppe Mountains accompanied by the savage Shadowkin. Thus the city of Variel was established. Word traveled south that rebellions were rising and successfully overthrowing the Dragonkin. The Viashino of the Blackwater Swamp drove the dragons from their lands with the help of the Aquarians, followed by the Sliver Swamp Viashino who elisted the aid of the Skaven and the Orochi. Finally, the Wolfen rose up and the Dragonkin were made all but extinct. Some say the last of the once mighty race were wiped from existence, others say they were driven to the Dragon's Breath Volcano in the Great Sea where only two of them survive.

Over the years the four kingdoms that had arose as a result of the Great Rebellion prospered and developed. The Ursi of Terra established their rule as they saw fit, recruiting the young who showed great promise as the legendary warriors their community boasted. The Orochi and the inhabitants of the Sliver Swamp were free to establish their societies as they saw fit, only having to pay tribute to Terra in order to have their peace.

In Variel, the Shadowkin had returned to the Shadowsteppe Mountains, expecting to be able to establish their own way of life, left alone by the Avians in return for the aid in the Rebellion. The Avian's thought it wasn't a very good idea in the slightest. The Avian's went back on their promise of being able to do as they please. The Avians sent emissaries to keep tabs on the Shadowkin. The arrangment has caused bandits that have dubbed themselves Freedom Fighters. The land has since existed in the balance between peace and war, the Blackwater Viashino have even started revolting as Avian control has attempted to expand.

Clearwater has been established to a prosperous community. The citizens have little to complain about except the fact that constant border disputes from the neighboring Denizen. The the two kingdoms have very different ideas as to who has control over what. It reached a point where the Orochi decided to step in and hold a diplomatic gathering within the Dead Woods in an attempt to resolve the issues that were threatening to send the world back into chaos. The peace summit resulted in a begrudgingly accepted treaty between the four kingdoms, establishing territory lines as well as laws for travel between the realms.

To this day the land stands on the edge of stability and utter chaos, and the Dragon's Breath Volcano has started billowing smoke after years of dormancy.

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