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Post by Bain on Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:36 am

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Art is not mine and is only serving as a reference as to appearance, colors are the same.

Name: Bain

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Aquarian

Subtype: Shark

Class: Barbarian

Height: 6ft

Weight: 190lbs

Build: Muscular/Athletic

Personality: Hot headed, strong willed and stubborn. He does have a care-free kind of sense of humor. The filter between his mind and his mouth is thin if existent at all. In combat he is fierce and fluid in his motions. Most would call him reckless, though he sees it as bold.

Special: Aside from the obvious ability to breath under water and the teeth as a natural weapon, his skin serves as a form of armor being as thick as it is.

Weapons: Proficient with anything he can get his hands on, however he does prefer to use a pair of one handed bearded axes.

Attire: Doesn't wear armor, or even a shirt for that matter. A pair of loose fitted shorts is all he wears.

History: Born in the Great Sea near the the Blackwater Swamp. His mother was chased off by the Viashino who hunted the area. He was left alone to either die or fight. After fending for himself for several years he was found by a Wolfen Monk on his way to Clearwater. The monk, by the name of Tevin took him in and raised him, though some things about Bain never changed. Bain had difficulty grasping the teachings his adoptive father tried to give him until the time came to train in unarmed combat. As such, Bain's barbaric nature lead Tevin to take a step back and allow the Aquarian to learn of his own accord only to offer advice where needed. Now Bain serves as a mercenary, only having spent a few months in the service of the group, though his prowess and ferocity in combat has earned him the trust of his comrades.

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