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The Four Kingdoms Empty The Four Kingdoms

Post by Bain on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:43 pm

Terra - Consists of the Frostmire Mountains resting above the capitol city, the Dead Woods to the south, though their reign has no influence over the Orochi who live there as well as the Sliver Swamp further south from the Dead Woods. The territory line ends a few leagues from the treeline of the Denizen Forest. Their culture is most relative to Vikings. The kingdom head is Rogar of the Ursi and the population of the capitol is comprised mostly of the Ursi people.

Denizen - Consists of the Denizen Forest to the east to the Southern edge of the Blackwater swamp. The Kingdom Head is Lucian of the Wolfen. Their culture is similar to the Celtic culture. Capitol population is comprised mostly of Wolfen.

Clearwater - Consists of the Great Sea to include the Dragons Breath Volcano located in the center of the Sea, also includes the Blackwater Swamp. The kingdom head is Seraph of the Aquarians. Capitol population is comprised mostly of Aquarian. Culture highly revolves around the sea, advanced in the ways of sea travel.

Variel - Consists of the Shadowsteppe Mountains, the Razor Ridge, as well as Dragon's Pass that lies to the north of the Great Sea. Their culture is similar to Medieval England, stone castles, knighthood and the like. Kingdom head is Tavious of the Avians. Within the Shadowsteppes is the Shadowkin kingdom ruled by Ceverus who begrudgingly accepts the rule of Tavious.

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