RACES!!! just some ideas for races and cultures to go along with them.

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RACES!!! just some ideas for races and cultures to go along with them.

Post by Nezuan on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:18 pm

Im just throwing some ideas out there:

Viashino(lizardfolk)------I usually do them with native-Americans in mind, but they could be done in any culture really. I like to have them be very spiritual and worship nature.

Leonin(Catfolk/Lionfolk)-------I usually do these guys like jungle tribes, kinda like African tribes.

Avian(Birdfolk)--------these guys would be good for living on coast lines and having maritime cities. I like a greek theme for them, but i usually shy away from Grecko-Roman stuff, in which case a medieval them could also work for them.

Nezumi(ratfolk)------These guys make great swamp dwellers. I like to make them like voodoo-ish people who have a matriarchal society revolving around witches.

Orochi(Snake people)------they could fit anywhere really. I like to give them an Asian-esc cutlure and stick them in a forest. they could also live in underground caversn that are filled with water.

im sure there will be wolves and bears who would fit well in mountains and temperate medieval forests.

We could also add exotic animals like:
elephant people
rhino people
zebra people (could be weird...horses don't translate into anthro very well)
toad people
mantis people
other bug people
bat people
jackal people

I think maybe some daemons could be fun. they could still look like humans in some cases which would make them look terrifying to the rest of the world.

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Re: RACES!!! just some ideas for races and cultures to go along with them.

Post by Bain on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:32 pm

I actually like these. There's an entry in the Races post for the catfolk....I'ma have to revise that list

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